Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

What is hydrostatic testing? This is one of the quality control parameters used to ensure that an installed pipeline system is fit for purpose. An integral part of the design process is to establish the operational pressure criterion of the individual components of the pipeline for the intended purpose. Hydrostatic pressure loads are just one of the stresses a pipeline system experiences in its operational life.

Hydrostatic testing procedures basically consist of raising the pipeline pressure in stages to see whether pressure holds for a determined time at each level. Once the pressure holds at the operating pressure plus a safety margin it can be confirmed that the pipeline system does not leak.

If the hydrotest fails at any of the test pressures then there is a leak somewhere that has to be found. It is now common for the offshore pipeline contractor to carry a leak detection system on-board the vessel in case of such a hydrotest failure.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

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