Subsea Control Systems

Subsea control systems are operated using hydraulic control fluids. These control fluids are normally Ethylene Glycol based with certain additives depending on manufacturer and fluid type. Commonly, one of the additives is a fluorescent tracer dye to assist in the detection of leaks.

The tracer dye present in the fluid in a subsea control system will depend on the control fluid type but generally fall into one of three groups:- Fluorescein (getting less common), red tracers, clear dyes (UV). Both the red dyes and the clear UV dyes are becoming the standard for new subsea control systems as they generally meet the environmental and ecological criteria accepted by most licensing authorities for discharge at sea. Fluorescein does not meet the current standards and in many parts of the world is being phased out.

Neptune Oceanographics have a complete range of 'tuned' long range fluorometer and can detect any of the tracer dye types used in subsea control systems around the world.

Subsea Control Systems

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